Matcha Whisk - Lil Matcha
Matcha Whisk - Lil Matcha
Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk

Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk

Lil Matcha
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Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk Hand-crafted from a single piece of bamboo, the Matcha whisk is the heart of perfecting your Matcha tea.

This special whisk prevents clumps from forming in the tea, making a rich, and creamy brew each time. Its unique shape creates a delicious froth for you to enjoy.

Simply whisk the tea briskly in a ‘W’ formation for about 5-10 seconds to remove any lumps of Matcha and bring the trapped air bubbles to the surface.

 For best results :

  • Soak prongs in cold water for 2 minutes before the first use.
  • Ensure you rinse the whisk in cold water after each use and allow to dry.
  • Place the dried whisk in our Matcha Whisk Holder to maintain quality.